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"I like to think this is sort of a cross between a short-order cook

and a brain surgeon."  

- Walter Murch ("Apocalypse Now") on editing.

“Kino” is the word for “cinema” or “movie theater” in German, Russian and Norwegian.

A kitchen is a place where food is created and prepared from basic ingredients.​

All these are carefully mixed and arranged to give the final product – a film. We love to tell stories. Telling a story from the heart makes a movie alive. It's what gives it its soul.

And rhythm is what makes this soul breathe.

Everything is rhythm in life: our hearts that beat, the sound of our shoes walking on the street, the clock ticking away the seconds. Our entire world is defined rhythm.

These two elements are the back bone of every project of KK: 

Storytelling & Rhythm.

As in an inventive  kitchen, reaching ones objective requires skill, intuition and instinct. Too much salt will ruin a meal.

Two frames too many can completely alter the drama of a scene.


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