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HAPPY - KK Tribute to Pharrell


Kino Kitchen in co-production with GLIKSON Rental House created a Tribute Video to Pharrell's Track "Happy". ​

All performers are dancers, actors & artists from Tel Aviv. ​ ​

Shooting / Editing / OnLine: KINO KITCHEN

Gabi in the Big City - Comedy Web Series


Comedy. Mini Series about Gabi who inherits a Lottery Booth in the South of Tel Aviv.  ​

Director: Ofir Lobel | Writer: Hadar Levi

Editing & After Effects: KINO KITCHEN

Marleen Matlin - Morton E. Ruderman Award


Celebrities congratulate Marlee Matlin for winning the Morton E. Ruderman Award in Inclusion.

Editing, Motion Graphics & OnLine by Kino Kitchen.

History repeats itself - Video of "The Olympics 2036"

Germany, 2005

Multi Media Clip from the show "The Olympics 2036" by Ruby Edelman. ​

Directing /Editing / OnLine: KINO KITCHEN

Cinematography: Peter Cseri ​

!!!Warning!!! Violent & Mature Content

HAPPY Tribute Clip - Making Of


Making Of Kino Kitchen's HAPPY Tribute Clip ​

Shooting / Editing / OnLine: KINO KITCHEN ​

A.D.I - The making Of


Making of Video Clip of the A.D.I. Ulmansky.

Director: Ariel Florsheim  |​ Editing: KINO KITCHEN

Canon Fodder (Film) - Making Of/Trailer


Making Of "Canon Fodder" - an Israeli Zombi Flick  


ISRAEL FIRST - A message to Donald Trump

Israel, 2017

Kino Kitchen's message to Donald Trump:

Israel First & America Second!

A collaboration with Iftach Jeffrey Ophir.

Idea & Script: Sascha Engel & Iftach Jeffrey Ophir

Editing & After Effects: KINO KITCHEN

Sound: Yohai Ben Zvi

Special Thanx to Omer Veksler

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