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"OPERATION FINALE" - The Capture & Trial of Adolf Eichmann

Promo of the exhibition "OPERATION FINALE - The Capture & Trial of Adolf Eichmann" Maltz Museum. ​ A Co-Production of The Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage, The Mossad & Beit HaTfuzot. ​ Exhibition Production: G&A / NYC. ​ All Film Content of the exhibition was produced by KINO KITCHEN. 

Guy Goldstein - "Once, a Beat, Second Hit"

Exhibition Simulation (Spatial Simulation)

Guy Goldstein - Once, a Beat, Second Hit"

Promo of the exhibition "Once, a Beat, Second Hit" by the artist Guy Goldstien. Petach Tikva Museum for mordern art. Editing, shooting and online done by Kino Kitchen

Neve Shechter Cultural Center ⎪Multi Media Installation

Excerpt of 1min of the cultural documentary about the history of Never Shechter and its neighbourhood in TLV.

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